Republicans Are Happy with Trump Victory in Nikki Haley’s Home State

February 24, 2024 Republicans Are Happy with Trump Victory in Nikki Haley’s Home State image

Key Takeaways

  • Trumps win in Nikki Haley’s home state of South Carolina continues his hot streak in the GOP primary.
  • GOP voters are happy with Trump’s significant margin over Haley, but suspect her numbers may have been inflated by Dems.
  • Republicans look strong overall in South Carolina, leading up to the general election.

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All Voters, Republicans

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South Carolina

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30 Days

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After a decisive Trump win in South Carolina over Nikki Haley, 59.8% to 39.5%, GOP voters seem to be doubling down on MAGA sentiments. MIG data showed support numbers very close to the GOP primary results in Haley’s home state.

A CNN exit poll showed that more than 4 in 10 GOP voters described themselves as MAGA, and even more supported Trump without calling themselves MAGA. This aligns with MIG data, which showed Trump leading well in the 60-70% approval range for much of the 30 days prior to the primary.

  • Two days prior to the primary vote, MIG data showed Trump at 60% and 59% support.
  • Nikki Haley earned 41% and 42% on those same two days.
  • On the day of the election, MIG data showed Trump at 58% and Haley at 42%, a two-point difference with actual vote results.

GOP Support for Trump and Haley

South Carolina Primary Results

South Carolina Republicans Object to Dems Voting in the Primary

Leading up to the South Carolina primary, support for Trump was as high as 67%, lowering slightly by the time votes were cast. Some conservatives and MAGA Republicans express concerns over Democrats voting in the primary to weaken Trump support.

Many GOP voters are quite satisfied with the results, often citing Trump’s victory as a testament to his enduring popularity in the party. But there is also a degree of skepticism about elections and a belief in unfair tactics by Democrats.

Some voters allege that Democrats and Independents voted in the primaries to harm Trump's chances in the general election. They argue that Haley's votes were inflated by these individuals, and her actual support within the GOP is not as strong as the results imply.

Many MAGA voters believe the primary was influenced by liberals attempting to interfere with GOP party politics. They point to precincts where Haley received more votes than Trump did in the 2020 general election as evidence of this alleged infiltration.

The Fading Voices of Nikki Haley Supporters

Those who oppose Trump's win express a strong aversion towards his potential return to power. They highlight his inability to appeal to a significant portion of the Republican party, suggesting that Trump's win might not necessarily translate into success in a general election.

It seems that Nikki Haley supporters are more anti-Trump than pro-Haley. They tend to express a belief that his victory signifies a further entrenchment of divisive politics and a step away from more moderate, bipartisan approaches to governance.

More Popular Views of Haley Among the GOP Base

A lot of Republicans are also fiercely critical of Nikki Haley, accusing her of being a traitor to the Republican party and selling out to the Democrats.

There’s a clear recurring theme of voters feeling their concerns about illegal immigration are being ignored by politicians and the media. GOP voters feel this issue is directly impacting their lives and express a sense of being ignored by politicians like Haley. This is likely another factor that contributed to Trump's Soth Carolina win.

A significant portion of the online conversation is dominated by those criticizing Haley, highlighting her performance as divisive within the party. They accuse her of self-sabotaging her own career and pandering to liberals.

Critics emphasize Haley's perceived inability to win primaries, reiterating that she could not event defeat Trump even in her home state. They also accuse her of focusing on attacking Trump rather than proposing her own strategies or solutions.

Red States Double Down on Trump in 2024

Many conservative voters in South Carolina express satisfaction with Trump's triumph. They see it as a referendum on the “woke mind virus” that imposes progressive ideologies concerning race, gender, and social justice. Many red state voters see Trump as a bulwark against these ideologies, which they believe are eroding traditional American values.

Many in the South Carolina GOP are ardent Trump supporters who believe that the former president has been unfairly targeted by the legal system and the media. They express that they are rallying behind Trump with fervor, seeing him as a victim of a corrupt system. They argue that the accusations and legal cases against Trump are either baseless or politically motivated.

Republicans are showing strong support in South Carolina, leading up to the general election.

  • Republicans gained a 30-day high of 51% support in South Carolina compared to a Democrat high of 45%.
  • The Republican margin showed a 10-point gap between Republicans and Democrats on the day of the GOP primary.

Party Support in South Carolina

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