Swing State Snapshot: Voters Share Regret, Border, and Economic Worries

March 16, 2024 Swing State Snapshot: Voters Share Regret, Border, and Economic Worries image

Key Takeaways

  • Criticism towards Biden's handling of various issues such as the economy, border control, and healthcare is critical in swing states.
  • Some voters expressing regret for voting for Biden in 2020, citing dissatisfaction with his performance and policy implementation.
  • Immigration and economic policies under the Biden-Harris administration are seen as dissatisfactory and harmful.

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All Voters

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Geographical Breakdown

Swing States

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The current political climate is extremely polarized, and people are expressing negativity towards both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. The impeachment proceedings against Biden are a major focus with Swing State voters, though they appear to be stalling. Many people express resentment towards this process, viewing it as a waste of time and a risk to national security.

There is also criticism towards Biden's handling of the economy, border control, and healthcare. Some voters express regret for voting for Biden in 2020, citing dissatisfaction with his performance and policy implementation.

Another recurring theme is the state of the economy, with critics pointing to rising inflation, increasing rent, and other cost-of-living challenges. They often refer to these issues as “Bidenomics,” implying dissatisfaction with Biden's economic policies.

There are also personal attacks, deflection, and whataboutism in the discourse, with users accusing each other of bias or ignorance. This suggests a highly polarized and contentious political climate.


Arizonans seem greatly unsatisfied with current immigration policies, making it a top issue. Critics argue Biden’s approach is too lenient, citing instances of the administration providing travel “loans” to illegal immigrants as part of a United Nations Migration Scheme. This is seen as a controversial move, particularly when juxtaposed against the economic struggles facing Arizonans.

Economic policy is another critical factor. The Trump and Biden administrations have very different approaches to issues such as taxes, spending, and regulation. The perceived success or failure of these policies can significantly impact public sentiment and influence voter behavior.

  • Trump has a slight lead over Biden in Arizona, gaining 45.4% support to Biden’s 44.5%.


Two of the most important issues to Michigan voters are Biden’s economy and the lingering influence of Donald Trump on the Republican party.

Michiganders criticize Biden's economic policies for increasing the cost of living. Some express their dissatisfaction with rising prices of everyday commodities and gasoline. The economy will likely be a large factor in the election for Michigan voters.

People are also discussing Trump's ongoing influence within the Republican party. Despite the controversies surrounding his term, he remains a popular figure within the party. This is seen as good or bad, depending on a voter’s viewpoint.

  • Trump is leading Biden in Michigan 46.4% to 45.2%.

North Carolina

In North Carolina, voters are expressing concern over election interference and the role of social media platforms in disseminating information. There’s a lot of discourse around a recent TikTok bill and the potential for other platforms like X and Truth Social to be impacted in the future. The question of election interference is paramount in the minds of North Carolinians and will likely influence how they vote.

People are also discussing the role of intelligence agencies in monitoring domestic extremism. There is a growing sentiment that Americans are being unfairly spied upon by their own government, which is driving resentment and disillusionment. This sentiment could play a significant role in the election, particularly if Trump promises to gut the intelligence agencies and repeal the Patriot Act.

Some North Carolina voters express regret for supporting Biden in 2020, citing dissatisfaction with national security and the economy. Others remain steadfast in their support for Biden, arguing that he represents a more stable and compassionate leadership option than Trump.

  • Trump holds a lead over Biden in North Carolina, gaining 46.5% support to Biden’s 44.1%.


Important issues among Nevada voters include healthcare, particularly concerning the cost of insulin for diabetics. A tweet from Kamala Harris about capping the cost of insulin at $35 a month for seniors indicates the Biden administration is aware of voter sentiment on this topic.

The state of the economy, specifically inflation, is another significant issue for Nevadans. Some blame the current economic state on the Biden administration, referring to the "Biden economy" negatively.

The cognitive health of Joe Biden is another significant factor discussion topic. Some have concern over Biden's cognitive abilities, suggesting that voting for Biden could essentially be voting for Kamala Harris, considering the possibility of him not being able to complete his term.

There are some Nevadans who indicate dissatisfaction and regret about voting for Biden in 2020. Some express disappointment with Biden's perceived lack of progress or negative impact on the economy, while others voice concern over his cognitive health.

Among Trump supporters, there is celebration over some charges against him being dismissed, indicating strong support for a second term.

  • Trump holds a 4.5-point lead over Biden in Nevada, gaining 46.5% support.


Donald Trump’s supporters appear to be unwavering, despite criticism and allegations of self-serving policies. Their loyalty seems to be based on the belief that Trump's policies align with their own interests and values more than those of any other candidate. This is revealed in Trump’s solid lead against Biden in Wisconsin.

In contrast, Biden supporters appear to be more focused on the broader implications of his presidency, emphasizing issues such as party unity, national stability, and global justice.

However, there is a criticism that these supporters are prioritizing Biden over these broader issues, which could potentially lead to his defeat.

Discussion suggests there may be some resentment or regret among Wisconsinites about voting for Biden in 2020. However, this seems to be largely overshadowed by the intense loyalty of both the Trump and Biden supporters. Another important factor for Wisconsin voters is the perceived threat to freedom of speech, which Trump is using to appeal to younger voters.

  • Trump has a solid upper hand in Wisconsin, leading Biden by 6.5 points with 47% support to Biden’s 41.5%.


Georgia could potentially pose a problem for Trump in the general election. MIG Reports data suggests most Nikki Haley supporters, who previously backed Trump, will likely vote for Biden. This shift could significantly influence the potential re-election of Biden.

Georgians are also concerned about issues like a potential TikTok ban and the perceived neglect of key social issues such as child mortality. These issues may work against Biden.

Biden’s potential impeachment also appears to be a factor for Georgia voters. The GOP’s persistence in pursuing impeachment is met with criticism and ridicule. Many Georgians seem to view impeachment attempts as desperate attempts to gain votes.

Election interference is another major issue, with accusations that Trump paid foreign agents to lie about Biden, attempting to affect the election. These contentious allegations contribute to the overall divisive and tense atmosphere.

  • Trumps holds a slight lead over Biden in Georgia with 44.7% support to Biden’s 43.1%.


Critics of Trump in Pennsylvania often depict him as a wannabe dictator, pointing to his alleged attempts to subvert democratic norms. Accusations of corruption within his family, particularly Jared Kushner's dealings with Saudi Arabia, also appear to be a major point of contention.

His handling of foreign relations, particularly with Russia and Ukraine, is another frequently raised issue. There are calls for investigations into the Trump family's profits from the presidency, and some suggest Trump may be aiming for absolute immunity, which they fear could lead to dictatorial rule.

Trump supporters seem to dismiss allegations of Russian collusion as a Democrat hoax. They criticize the investigation into Trump's alleged influence peddling as politically motivated.

Some Pennsylvania voters are questioning Biden’s memory and fitness for presidency. His family's alleged involvement in influence peddling is also a point of concern, with some calling for an investigation into these matters.

  • Despite vocal critics of Trump in Pennsylvania, he currently leads Biden with 47% to 42% support.

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