Everybody Feels Joe Biden’s Economy Except Joe Biden

March 03, 2024 Everybody Feels Joe Biden’s Economy Except Joe Biden  image

Key Takeaways

  • Many Americans are feeling economic pain, exacerbated by issues such as taxation, immigration, housing, and corporate behavior.
  • Many Democrats still support Biden, but there is also frustration and disappointment about unfulfilled promises.
  • Black and Hispanic Americans express greater economic anxiety and dissatisfaction with the current state of the economy.

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The American perception of the economy, and Biden's handling of the economy, is a multifaceted issue. It’s shaped by various demographic, political, and personal factors. To fully understand this issue, we must consider the experiences of various voting groups.
Many Americans are feeling economic pain, particularly those in lower income brackets and the gig economy. Rising cost of living, low wages, and tax burdens are common grievances. Some feel they are overtaxed, while others are frustrated by what they see as a lack of value for the taxes they pay.

For instance, some gig workers on platforms like Onlyfans feel exploited. They say they must give a significant portion of their earnings to the platform in addition to paying taxes on their total earnings. Many who lost their jobs during COVID and other economic disruptions are financially stressed, concerned about rising cost of living, lack of affordable healthcare, and job insecurity.

Among racial and ethnic minorities, particularly Black and Hispanic Americans, there is increased economic anxiety and dissatisfaction. Lower-income individuals and those without a college degree also tend to view the economy more negatively.

The issue of immigration is a contentious one. Some citizens feel that their tax dollars are being unfairly allocated to support immigrants, rather than American citizens. This feeling is not confined to any one political group and is expressed by Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike, suggesting a widespread concern about resource allocation.

Other Economic Factors Making Americans Feel Squeezed

The high cost of housing and the perceived exploitation by landlords is another issue causing economic distress. Some people argue that property taxes are too low, leading to landlords profiting excessively at the expense of renters.

Furthermore, there are concerns about the treatment of elderly citizens. Some feel this group’s financial needs aren't being met. This sentiment is often coupled with a feeling of being undervalued after a lifetime of contributing to society through taxes.

Trust in Joe Biden's administration to handle the economy varies dramatically along party lines. Many Democrats still support Biden, but there is also frustration and disappointment among some Democrats about perceived unfulfilled promises. Republicans, on the other hand, largely express dissatisfaction with Biden's economic policies. Independents' views are mixed, with some expressing frustration with the current economic situation and others remaining hopeful.

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