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Unveiling the Truth

Welcome to MIG Reports, where we break from traditional news platforms to bring you facts-only data from American voters. Our analysis uses artificial intelligence (AI) tools and large language models (LLM) to present real-time public sentiment according to geographic and other demographic segmentation. MIG Reports monitors, captures, and analyzes millions of daily social media posts across the globe to bring you accurate public opinion on topical issues.


MIG Reports: Beyond the Beltway

We present what voters are talking about, not what the media is reporting. Our mission is to empower readers with intelligence that is accurate and actionable.


The EyesOver Advantage 

Our EyesOver technology is at the heart of MIG Reports. EyesOver is a global digital curator that navigates vast and complex datasets with unprecedented precision. This cutting-edge innovation moves beyond traditional polling and data analysis. It utilizes AI to allow pattern recognition, sentiment analysis, and contextual understanding at levels higher and more accurate than any other media. The technology empowers our analysts to uncover new information, resulting in more useful and more powerful insights. Find out more about EyesOver here.



We recognize the paramount importance of trust in media. MIG Reports is more than a news outlet. It is a new model for better discernment of patterns in social media and across the internet, and deeper understanding of public interests. MIG operates with a higher standard for precision and reliability.

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Our Analysts

Our analysts have decades of experience navigating the landscapes of government, Congress, political campaigns and parties, advocacy groups, grassroots organizations, non-profits, and private industry. Our proficiency extends from national security and military intelligence to the dynamic realms of tech and crypto companies.

MIG Reports focuses on public opinion across the country and around the globe to identify trends, convert data to actionable insights, and provide deep analysis of how citizens in every market view the issues that impact their daily lives.

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Our Mantra:

You can’t battle facts.