Americans Furious at Biden Over Secret Illegal Immigration Project

March 09, 2024 Americans Furious at Biden Over Secret Illegal Immigration Project image

Key Takeaways

  • Americans are livid at reporting that alleges Joe Biden secretly flew hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants directly into the country. 
  • There are some voices calling this an act of treason and demanding Biden’s impeachment. 
  • While support for the administration is largely partisan, more Democrats are expressing discontent about the border issue. 

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Online discussions have roiled American voters after allegations that President Biden is secretly flying immigrants into the U.S. This controversy appears to have originated from a report by Ben Bergquam which suggests the U.S. is funding processing centers in South America and transporting immigrants to America before they reach the border.

Reactions to the accusation that President Biden has flown more than 300,000 illegal immigrants directly into American airports reveals intense anger. Most of the discussion is among those who despise Biden's immigration policies and view such actions as a direct threat to the safety and welfare of American citizens.

Many Americans express a deep sense of frustration and anger, accusing Biden of prioritizing the needs of illegal immigrants over the safety and welfare of American citizens.

This news comes right before Biden’s 2024 State of the Union address, and as dissatisfaction remains high on immigration and the economy, which are the top two issues in voters’ minds.

Americans Feel Betrayed by the Biden Administration

Many voters involved in the discussion call for Biden's impeachment, with some alleging that he has committed acts of treason. These critics argue that Biden has betrayed the American people by secretly smuggling hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into the country. They say this project was hidden from the public because the administration knows Americans would be enraged if they knew about it. Some critics even go as far as claiming that Biden "cheated" his way into office and has "sold America out."

A lot of people also voice concerns over potential security risks, claiming that such actions enable criminals to enter the country. There are some who still defend Biden and criticize impeachment attempts as political stunts. While support for the administration is largely partisan, there is more and more bipartisan anger over the border.

There is also a lot of discussion and frustration over a case involving a Guatemalan man named Juan Jose-Sebastian, who was arrested in Florida but is wanted in Oregon for multiple counts of rape and sexual abuse. Many people are upset that, despite his charges, Oregon won't extradite him, and ICE won't pick him up, leading to his release. People are also offended when the mainstream media dismisses their concerns, refusing to cover what voters view as important immigration news.

Calls for Impeachment

The comments calling for President Joe Biden's impeachment and accusing him of treason stem from a variety of issues. The number one reason is border security and, specifically in the last day, the scandal over flying in illegal immigrants. There are some other issues voters cite as reasons to impeach the president.

Border Security

Voters accuse Biden of compromising national security and destroying the economy with illegal immigration. Many accuse him of funding processing centers in South America.

Foreign Policy

A segment of progressive Democrat voters want Biden impeached for failing to impose a ceasefire in Gaza and funding conflicts abroad.

Bribery and Corruption Allegations

Many point to Biden family corruption, with allegations centered on his brother James Biden. They claim James confirmed during an impeachment inquiry testimony that a $40,000 check made out to Joe Biden in 2017 used funds he received from a Chinese government-linked company.


Some critics accuse Biden of treason for aiding the country's enemies or betraying the nation. The reasons vary, with some tying it to allegations of corruption, foreign policy, or border security.

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