Ukraine Approval Remains low as Americans Focus on Border Security

January 26, 2024 Ukraine Approval Remains low as Americans Focus on Border Security  image

Key Takeaways

  • American support and engagement for Ukraine remain low.
  • There is a consistent focus on domestic priorities like border security and immigration crises.
  • Online discussions regarding global affairs increasingly adopt an America First lens.
  • Conversations about Ukraine are significantly overshadowed by topics like border security, the migrant crisis, and the US-Israeli alliance.
  • Despite efforts from Ukraine hawks in Congress, American approval for Ukraine remains below 45%.

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Ukraine Approval Remains low as overwhelming majority of Americans Focus Instead on Border Security and Immigration Crisis

Recent analysis from the Media Intelligence Group (MIG) offers a comprehensive look into how both American engagement and support for Ukraine remains low, in serious contrast from high levels seen at the start of the Ukraine conflict. These insights reveal that despite ongoing debates in Congress about further aid for Ukraine, American opinion remains unchanged and instead focused on America First principals.

Shifting Focus: MIG's data indicates that online engagement surrounding Global Affairs is viewed increasingly with an America First lens.

  • Engagement towards Ukraine is dwarfed by discussions about Border Security or more longstanding priorities like the US-Israeli alliance.
    • MIG found that over the last 30 days, Ukraine averages 1,106 online daily mentions, with a total of 33,185 mentions of Ukraine.
    • In contrast, discussions about Border Security and the Migrant Crisis averaged 8,836 daily online mentions, totaling 265,095 online mentions in the last 30 days.
    • Similarly, online conversations about Israel and Palestine are even more prominent, with a daily average of 9,072 online mentions and a total of 278,200 online mentions in the last 30 days.

Ukraine Hawks fail to sway Americans:

  • Further analysis from the MIG reveals American approval of Ukraine remains consistently below 45%, contrasting sharply with the high levels of backing seen at the start of the conflict.
  • In late 2023, Gallup found that American support for Ukraine had dropped sharply since the onset of Russia’s invasion.
  • When Russia forces had first breached Ukrainian defenses, American support for Ukraine stood at 66%. This dropped sharply in Gallup’s subsequent poll in October 2023, when 41% of respondents stated they believed the United States was doing too much for Ukraine.
  • MIG’s latest numbers from the last 30 days find support for Ukraine hasn’t budged. Despite many Ukraine Hawks in Congress making the case for further aid to Kiev, MIG finds Ukraine’s average approval stuck at 41%.
  • Worse, Ukraine’s approval reached 44% just three times in the last 30 days, while it fell below 40% for 7 days total.

America First, Here to Stay:

  • MIG's data underscores a growing shift in America’s focus in prioritizing an America First global perspective, as online discussions about Ukraine sink into further irrelevancy and are eclipsed by Border Security and Immigration debates.
  • Notably, these findings are supported by a recent Harvard Harris poll, which found Immigration as the top policy concern amongst Americans, well ahead of foreign policy but even surpassing inflation and the economy.
  • Despite unending frustrations with a Congress many believe is disconnected from the rest of America, recent comments from Majority Leader Mitch McConnell may reveal Americans are forcing D.C. to listen. This week, McConnell told Senate colleagues “When we started this, the border united us and Ukraine divided us” but that “The politics on this have changed.”

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