Trump’s Good Week Inflames Partisan Emotion About Preferential Treatment

March 28, 2024 Trump’s Good Week Inflames Partisan Emotion About Preferential Treatment  image

Key Takeaways

  • Trump’s recent Truth Social merger coupled with a reduced bail amount generates excitement among his supporters.
  • Liberal and never-Trump voters express disappointment and claim Trump is receiving preferential treatment.
  • Overall, this issue divides Americans along party lines, however there is some bipartisan concern about potential implications this New York case has on business in NYC.

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Former president Trump’s merger deal to make the social media platform Truth Social public through a SPAC, combined with his reduced bail have his supporters celebrating. Stocks for the merged entity debuted with a stock price near $50, giving it a market value of approximately $6.8 billion, and trades under the ticker symbol "DJT."

As expected, reactions are divided along political lines with right-leaning Trump supporters praising Trump and criticizing New York AG Letitia James. Left leaning and “never Trump” Republican voters are less enthusiastic about these developments. Depending on a person’s political leanings, it seems the events confirm preconceived notions about whether Trump is receiving preferential treatment or political targeting.

MAGA Voters Love to See Trump Win

Conservative and moderate voters who view Trump as a target of a politicized justice system are celebrating the merger of Truth Social and DWAC as a triumph. They view it as a lifeline for his apparently dubious financial situation. Conservatives tend to view Truth Social as a beacon of free speech and a platform that offered Trump a space when no other platform would. The approval of the merger is seen as a potential $3 billion net worth increase for Trump, which conservatives perceive as a major victory and a source of vindication.

Right leaning discourse also lauds the reduction of Trump's bail amount, which was cut from $464 million to $175 million. They view this as another win for Trump, anticipating that the event will lead to an outpouring of "liberal tears."

Many Americans who are not vehemently opposed to Trump view his many legal woes as evidence of a political vendetta. They argue Trump's properties were assessed and taxed by the city and any discrepancy in their valuation for tax and loan purposes is not fraudulent. They also point out that the lenders were repaid and none of them lodged complaints against Trump. This group believes the legal challenges Trump is facing are attempts to financially drain him. Trump's recent bail reduction is seen as a justified action in the face of outrageous and ridiculous rulings.

  • In recent days, with news of his bail reduction, Trump’s approval regarding legal cases jumped to 48%.
  • Average sentiment in the last two weeks has hovered in the mid 40% range.

Liberals Claim Trump is Getting Preferential Treatment

More left-leaning voters are expressing frustration and disappointment with the approval of Truth Social's merger and the reduction of Trump's bail amount. They view the merger as a dangerous development that could give Trump control over a major stock, potentially allowing him to manipulate the narrative and spread disinformation. They also perceive the reduction of his bail as a sign of preferential treatment and continue to express hopes for his assets to be seized due to his ongoing legal battles.

This group paints Trump as a wealthy individual exploiting the system at the expense of the average worker, who ends up paying higher taxes and loan interests as a result. The recent move by Letitia James on Trump's Seven Springs property to start satisfying the $464 million judgment against him is seen as a step towards making him pay his fair share.

Liberals tend to voice concerns about Trump's financial track record, pointing to the ongoing investigations led by Letitia James. They argue that Trump has manipulated property values to reduce his tax liability and hope he will face severe penalties, including the potential seizure of his assets. Some even suggest that Trump Tower could be repurposed as a low-rent shelter for the homeless.

Voter Sentiment Toward AG Letitia James

Moderate and conservative voters who oppose the perception of a politicized judicial system express a belief that Letitia James and others are pursuing a political vendetta against Donald Trump. They see her attempts to investigate his financial dealings as politically motivated, rather than a legitimate effort to uphold the law.

There are claims that James' actions against Trump are an attempt to thwart his 2024 campaign and, therefore, amount to election interference. These voters sometimes compare the potential seizing of Trump's assets by James to actions taken in authoritarian regimes like Venezuela or Cuba. This implies a belief that such actions are an attack on private property and the rule of law.

Some voters are asking for a special counsel to investigate the alleged corruption and election interference by James and Judge Engoron.

Many Americans, regardless of political views, fear this Trump case could be harmful to business in New York and could potentially lead to a dangerous precedent.

Liberals and anti-Trumpers view James positively, applauding her for pursuing legal action against Trump and for her commitment to the principle that no one is above the law. They support her efforts to hold Trump accountable for alleged financial irregularities.

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