Stark Contrast: Middle Class Praises Trump’s Wake Appearance and Rips Biden’s Fundraiser

March 30, 2024 Stark Contrast: Middle Class Praises Trump’s Wake Appearance and Rips Biden’s Fundraiser  image

Key Takeaways

  • Donald Trump’s appearance at an NYC police officer’s wake creates a sharp contrast in optics, juxtaposed with Biden’s NYC fundraiser.
  • Middle-class and blue-collar Americans widely praised Trump for showing solidarity with the law enforcement and working-class communities.
  • The contrast of Biden’s elite fundraiser on the same night elicited severe criticism from everyday Americans.

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Former president Trump’s appearance at Officer Jonathan Diller’s wake, an NYC police officer killed in the line of duty, telegraphed support for normal Americans. At the same time, Biden’s New York fundraiser packed with media and political elites communicated the sense of disdain many middle-class Americans feel from the ruling class.

While Trump's attendance at the wake was generally seen as a positive gesture, the same cannot be said for Biden's fundraiser. Many American voters argue Biden should be more focused on running the country, rather than raising money for his campaign.

Overall public sentiment leans more positively towards Trump's attendance at Jonathan Diller’s wake than towards Biden's fundraiser. However, these sentiments are somewhat influenced by existing political biases among partisans.

Most Americans see Trump's actions as personal and direct, appealing to individuals on an emotional level. But they view Biden's exclusive fundraiser as prioritizing the wealthy and influential.

  • Swing state voter sentiment toward Trump spiked to 57% regarding police and crime with the announcement of his appearance at Jonathan Diller’s wake.
  • Biden’s sentiment in swing states on the topic of fundraising dipped slightly to 48% on the day of the event.

Comparing Average American Views of Trump vs Biden

The political and wealthy classes seem to generally divide along political lines in their views of Trump’s recent actions compared to Biden’s. However, for working-class citizens and middle America, the lines do not seem as partisan.

Most average Americans view Biden as ensconced in the ruling class and he could possibly be losing cachet even among blue-collar Democrats. MIG Reports analysis of online conversations reveals a contrast in how everyday Americans view Trump compared to Biden.

How Americans Responded to Trump

Many voters express admiration for Trump's public appearance in support of law enforcement and Jonathan Diller’s family. They perceive this as a gesture of his commitment to “Back the Blue” and mingle with the people. This resonates both with his voter base and working-class voters of all political affiliations.

Trump's attendance at the wake is seen by most people as a gesture of respect and solidarity with police officers. Many highlighted the absence of similar gestures from the Biden administration, inferring Trump's actions will further endear him to normal Americans.

His generous donation to pay off the mortgage of NYPD Officer Diller's widow has also been lauded as an act of kindness and compassion. This emphasizes the contrast of Biden fundraising for himself from the wealthy on the same night.

However, critics have expressed skepticism, arguing that Trump's actions are politically motivated and aimed at gaining public sympathy. Some skeptics suggest the appearance was a cynical distraction from his ongoing legal battles.

There are also related discussions about how leftist critics and the media discuss Trump and his recent good week. Many voters express a view that Trump will always receive criticism from entertainment and news, even with a positive gesture like supporting a slain police office.

Middle-Class Criticism of Biden

Biden's fundraising event has generated severe negativity among many American voters, much like his recent border visit contrasted with Trump's. This majority accuses him of prioritizing fundraising and power over addressing national issues.

Many express concerns about the use of taxpayer money, suggesting Biden should be focusing on more pressing issues like border security and the economy. A lot of people question the timing of the fundraiser, suggesting it distracts from Biden’s image issues as the mainstream media praises a “glitzy” and “star-studded” event.

The fawning media coverage has also caused many middle-class and blue-collar voters to criticize perceived elitism at a dinner design to flaunt wealth and power. This group argues Biden is alienating average Americans in favor of costal elites.

Staunch supporters and leftists, however, praised Biden's commitment to raising funds for his party. They view preventing Trump from a 2024 win as imperative and advocate for Biden’s social justice and woke agenda.

This group views the fundraiser as a critical step towards maintaining a Democratic majority in Congress. They commend his commitment to addressing issues like climate change, healthcare, and economic recovery.

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