Most Americans Feel Mainstream Media Disdains and Lies to Them

April 01, 2024 Most Americans Feel Mainstream Media Disdains and Lies to Them  image

Key Takeaways

  • More Americans feel the mainstream media is biased against average citizens and feel outlets criticize and lie to their audiences.
  • Recent examples of media figures insulting middle America and their support of President Trump seems to inflame hatred against media elites.
  • A partisan divide does exist between those who trust or distrust the media, but general attitudes seem increasingly negative.

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Recent events in media expose the growing dissatisfaction Americans have with news and entertainment outlets. Data suggests that viewer trust in mainstream media outlets is precipitously low as viewers feel media elites despise average people.

There is also a perception among many that the mainstream media is biased in its coverage. People point out examples when news highlights any Biden surge in the polls, rather than scrutinizing his policies. There is a sentiment that Trump's actions and policies are often unfairly criticized or misrepresented by the media.

Media Bias Against Trump

There is a strong sentiment among right leaning and conservative Americans that media coverage of Trump is unfairly negative and strongly biased against him. They accuse outlets and commentators of spreading lies and being part of a "witch hunt" against the former president. This sentiment is particularly strong among older demographics and those living in traditionally conservative states.

This group sees Trump as a champion for their beliefs and values. They are harshly critical of what they perceive as liberal bias in the media. Many also express a belief in Trump's innocence in the face of ongoing legal issues and investigations, often attributing these to political persecution.

On the other hand, critics of Trump, who tend to identify as liberals or Democrats, are supportive of recent media coverage, particularly regarding his ongoing legal issues. They accuse Trump of corruption and believe his actions deserve scrutiny.

This sentiment is prevalent among younger demographics and those in traditionally liberal states. Critics also express frustration with what they perceive as the media's "soft" approach on Trump, arguing that he should be held more accountable for his actions.

Elite’s Disrespect for Average People

A recent example of Stephen Colbert's fundraising efforts for Joe Biden fuels voter perceptions that entertainment and media figures ignore the transgressions of Democrats while constantly harping on conservatives. Many criticize Colbert for using his cultural influence to sway political outcomes.

The interview between former CNN host Don Lemon and the owner of X, Elon Musk, has also spurred a significant response from the American public. The interview sparked conversations about media bias, with conservatives accusing networks like NBC of suppressing conservative voices and liberals accusing networks like Fox News of promoting misinformation. This indicates a deep distrust between the two sides and the media.

People are also discussing a recent controversy involving comedian Jon Stewart’s hypocrisy in discussing Trump’s New York legal case. Stewart reportedly overvalued his home in a similar way to what Trump is accused of doing. Many accuse Stewart of promoting a double standard and negatively shaping media perceptions. Some argue Stewart should be held to the same standards as Trump and pay back taxes.

There is also criticism directed at NBC for hiring and promptly firing former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel. Discussions criticize the network for acquiescing to the complaints and laments voiced by NBC and MSNBC hosts like Chuck Todd, Kristen Welker, and Jen Psaki.

Normal Americans Feel Misrepresented

Another grievance many Americans express against mainstream media and entertainment is their elitism. There is a growing sense among working and middle-class voters, particularly conservatives, that media elites are out of touch with "normal" people.

This sentiment is fueled by perceived liberal bias in the media, with critics arguing media elites look down on traditional values and the everyday concerns of Americans living outside major urban centers. However, some still argue the media plays a crucial role in holding those in power accountable.

Despite some defense of mainstream media, the theme of "media elites" versus "normal Americans" is recurring in online discussions. Average people in middle America or suburban and rural communities feel marginalized and believe the media doesn't represent their perspectives or concerns.

While some simply feel media elites are distant from the realities of ordinary life, others perceive a targeted animosity from media figures. Many feel comments from figures like Joy Reid, Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough, and others reveal a certain disgust for average people.

There is also a prevailing sentiment that media elites “hate normal Americans” who align with conservative values. Some give examples of media figures insulting the intelligence of conservatives, deriding their traditions or religious beliefs, portraying negative stereotypes of them, and attributing false motives to their actions.

Dismissing the Sins of Their Allies

Many criticize the media for what they see as a bias towards the left and a tendency to downplay or ignore the transgressions of Democratic politicians. Middle-class voters often express feelings of being overlooked or undervalued, while victimizing and harmful actions by elites are justified and dismissed.

Mainstream media is perceived as propagandizing policies favoring the wealthy and powerful. This sentiment is reflected in discussions about the lack of representation for blue-collar Americans in the media and politics.

There are some who laud the media's efforts to hold the government accountable, however. This group praises the resilience of figures like Joe Biden in the face of intense scrutiny.

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