Gen Z May be Bailing on Biden

April 20, 2024 Gen Z May be Bailing on Biden  image

Key Takeaways

  • Gen Z voters are unmoved by generic anti-Trump messaging and appear nuanced in their online discussions, including disapproval of Biden.
  • Trump’s Gen Z support highlights his performance on the international stage with results-based evidence including no new wars.
  • Biden’s Gen Z critics highlight poor performance on domestic and international policies, which seems to echo the general anti-war sentiment. 

Our Methodology


All Voters

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Geographical Breakdown

Swing States

Time Period

7 Days

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MIG Reports identifies there is a significant divide in the perception of Trump among Generation Z voters. Some are staunch supporters of Trump, frequently using the hashtag #MAGA (Make America Great Again). This group sees him as a victim of leftist and liberal bias.

Gen Z often expresses frustration with the ongoing legal trials and perceive them as political witch hunts orchestrated by liberals and communists to undermine Trump’s credibility and popular support. They are also opposed to media outlets they believe are biased against Trump, accusing them of spreading lies and misinformation about the former president.

Many Gen Z voters believe the Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Hamas conflicts wouldn't have happened under Trump's leadership. They say Trump's stronger stance on foreign policy would have deterred such actions. These voters also seem to believe Biden's administration is weaker in comparison and this has led to an emboldening of U.S adversaries across the board. They also say Biden has allowed heightened tensions across the world and worsening economic markets.

Trump supporters among Gen Z express strong dissatisfaction towards Biden, with many accusing him of crimes, decrying his handling of global issues, and critiquing his performance at the State of the Union address. They also express support for Trump, with some suggesting he would do a better job at handling the country's issues.

A recent Harvard Poll shows President Biden continuing to struggle with young voters. The survey showed Biden holding a 45% to 37% lead over former President Trump among all 18- to 29-year-olds, with 16% undecided. The survey also highlighted that at this point in the 2020, Biden polled at 51% to Trump’s 28% among young voters, which corroborates MIG Reports evidence that Biden is losing sway with Gen Z and younger Millennials.

Biden’s Gen Z supporters often voice concerns about Trump returning to the White House and the impact this could have on the country. However, some express exasperation at the continued focus on Trump, accusing the messaging of “living rent-free" in people's heads.

It seems many Gen Z voters are becoming highly critical of Biden's performance. This could potentially indicate that Trump is gaining traction with this demographic. The reasons range from perceived failures in Biden’s policy decisions, alleged criminal activities, and a general dissatisfaction with his leadership.

Support for Biden among young voters seems to be less vocal, with much of the conversation focusing instead on criticisms of Trump. It is also noteworthy that some Gen Z voters express disillusionment with both major political parties and the current state of American politics. They seem to be searching for truth and fairness amidst what they perceive to be a highly polarized and partisan political environment.

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