Teleprompter Disaster: Biden’s Conspicuous Gaffes Worsen

May 28, 2024 Teleprompter Disaster: Biden’s Conspicuous Gaffes Worsen  image

Key Takeaways

  • President Biden’s relentless public speaking gaffes continue to gain attention, ridicule, and concern.
  • Conservatives and moderates express skepticism that Biden would last for another four years in office, given his current public performances.
  • Democrats and Biden supporters tend to deflect or minimize the severity of Biden’s cognitive state, talking more about Trump or Democratic agendas.

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President Joe Biden's recurring public speaking and teleprompter gaffes have become a deep concern or even a meme for many Americans. These missteps, which include false statements, jumbled or wrong words, pauses, and sometimes confusion, fuel debates about his cognitive abilities. They also lead many to question his leadership capability and overall fitness for office.

Voter reactions to his continual public appearance incidents, which is influenced by social media and the mainstream media are mostly partisan. Biden’s speaking performance is frequently compared to former President Donald Trump’s more spontaneous style. While Trump’s rhetoric is often polarizing, his ability to ad-lib and engage crowds contrasts sharply with Biden’s reliance on prepared speeches and, as MIG Reports previously analyzed – prepared questions.

This dichotomy fuels narratives on both sides: conservatives highlight Biden’s fumbles as a sign of weakness, while liberals emphasize Trump’s unpredictability and controversial remarks as dangerous to democracy.

Social media platforms play a crucial role in amplifying Biden's gaffes. Clips of his verbal mistakes often go viral, reaching a broad audience and fueling discussions about his fitness for office.

Two of his most recent fumbles include:

  • Calling January 6 protesters “erectionists” instead of what he presumably meant: “insurrectionists.”
  • Reading from the teleprompter but including notes which aren’t meat to be spoken – in this case, “last name,” referring to his theology professor.

Last week’s public mistakes are not the first of their kind. In April, Biden also read “pause” off the teleprompter instead of pausing his speech for audience participation. That incident also generated significant reactions from people online, criticizing Biden and his presumable handlers who allow these recurring embarrassing gaffes.

Voter Reactions Online

Some of the of the commentary online voices concern, but much of it also uses the president as a source of humor. Some of the jokes made at his expense include:

  • "Biden’s teleprompter operator must have the hardest job in the world. They deserve a medal for bravery."
  • “Biden just said 'America is a nation that can be defined in a single word: Asufutimaehaehfutbw.' I think he just invented a new language!"
  • "Every time Biden speaks, it's like watching a toddler trying to explain quantum physics. Entertaining but confusing."
  • "Biden: 'We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.' Did he just admit to something?"
  • "Biden: 'I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun.' The man just gave us a free ticket to the weirdest carnival ride ever."
  • "Biden’s latest gaffe: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women created by the... you know, the thing.’ Clearly, he’s on a first-name basis with the Declaration of Independence."
  • "Biden: 'I keep forgetting I'm president.' Well Joe, sometimes we do too. Thanks for the reminder!"

Although Democratic voters and political pundits who support the president are reluctant to talk about his clear cognitive limitations, it seems most Americans recognize he is not in top form. Approval ratings continue to slide and MIG Reports data shows that, even on good days, Biden cannot seem to break a neutral sentiment nationally, hovering in the low 40% range.

Leftist Comedians Subvert the Punchline

There is also a notable trend among some celebrities and public figures who dismiss concerns about Biden's gaffes and fitness for office as irrelevant or overblown. This dismissive attitude is alarming to many voters who cannot ignore his slip-ups.

Pro-Biden media personalities and celebrities actively work to reframe these gaffes, often deflecting punchlines or reframing the context to mitigate negative impact. For example, they often juxtapose Biden's gaffes with Trump's controversial statements and supporters imply Biden's mistakes are benign.

Regarding Biden’s “erectionists” comment, most of the left leaning comedians online tweeted similar jokes, shifting the punchline. Instead of roasting Biden for his error, most of them reframed their jokes as a critique of the January 6 protesters themselves.

  • The Daily Show: "Biden said 'erectionists' instead of 'insurrectionists.' At least someone’s standing up for democracy."
  • Seth Meyers: "Biden called them 'erectionists.' Well, I guess they did rise to the occasion."
  • Sarah Silverman: "Biden called them 'erectionists.' Finally, a political scandal with some stiff competition."
  • Stephen Colbert: "Biden called insurrectionists ‘erectionists.’ You know, it’s nice to see someone in politics with a sense of humor about their gaffes."
  • Jimmy Fallon: "Biden’s 'erectionists' comment has people laughing. I guess he wanted to point out that they were really standing up for Trump."
  • Trevor Noah: "Biden’s 'erectionists' slip is just another reminder: always proofread your speeches, folks. Or you might end up in a very awkward position."
  • Conan O’Brien: "Biden called them 'erectionists.' Guess we know who’s really rising to the occasion of American politics."
  • Samantha Bee: "Biden calling them 'erectionists' was a slip of the tongue, but let’s be honest, it’s probably the nicest thing anyone’s said about them."

Most People Are Critical of Biden’s Performance

Unlike the media and celebrities, average Americans often highlight Biden's gaffes as evidence of cognitive decline or incompetence. They argue his frequent mistakes indicate a lack of mental acuity necessary for the role of President. These fumbles often work to undermine his credibility and weaken his public image both domestically and on the international stage.

Critics argue Biden's frequent gaffes alone make him unfit for the presidency, regardless of their stance on his policies. Terms like "incompetent" and "the worst president in our history" are frequently used in these discussions.

There is a prevalent belief among more conservative voters that Biden is merely a puppet controlled by others in his administration. This perspective is often coupled with accusations that his regular confusion exposes the extent to which he is being manipulated.

Election Impact

For undecided or swing voters, repeated public appearance disasters may reinforce a perception of weakness or incapacity. This has the potential to sway their votes towards Trump if he is perceived as more robust and competent.

Media coverage and viral social media posts of gaffes could erode trust in Biden's ability to handle the responsibilities of the presidency. This could also lead to decreased voter confidence and turnout, even within his base.

Voters who prioritize policy or party outcomes over personal traits may overlook Biden's deteriorating state if it means they can avoid a second Trump term. In a head-to-head election, Biden's performance will likely be contrasted with Trump’s speaking abilities. If, in scheduled upcoming debates, Trump performs well, seeming articulate and mentally sharp, it could be a severe disadvantage for Biden.

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