Republicans Label Former Vice President “Judas Pence,” Decrying Refusal to Endorse Trump

March 23, 2024 Republicans Label Former Vice President “Judas Pence,” Decrying Refusal to Endorse Trump image

Key Takeaways

  • After announcing he will not endorse Trump for president, former VP Mike Pence receives disapproval from GOP voters.
  • While the media and some liberals praised Pence for his stance against his former running mate, many on the right and the left were uninterested.
  • Data suggests the GOP voter base is highly supportive of Trump and will drop support for anyone who opposes him in the Party.

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Former Vice President Mike Pence recently made headlines with the announcement that he will not endorse Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential race. This statement came amid the backdrop of Trump securing sufficient delegates to clinch the Republican nomination for President, making him the presumptive Republican nominee.

Pence told Fox News, "It should come as no surprise that I will not be endorsing Donald Trump this year," sparking a flurry of positive media coverage for Pence. A recent opinion piece from the Hill proclaimed that Pence, “Saved the Country Once, and Might Do it Again.” However, reactions from Americans online captured and analyzed by MIG Reports reveals Pence’s actions will likely reverberate about as much as his bid for President did.

What They’re Saying

While Beltway pundits were busy praising Pence’s courage to not endorse his former running mate, online reactions reveal a starkly different reaction.

  • Liberal users found Pence’s declaration insignificant, arguing, “He should have taken a stand against Trump earlier.”

Some, however, appear supportive of Pence’s decision, less interested in highlighting the morals of his decision and more interested in undermining Trump’s chances of beating Biden in November.

  • There are also calls for other Republicans, like Nikki Haley, to follow Pence's example and refuse to endorse Trump.

While discourse on Pence’s decision was largely viewed as uninteresting or ignored by liberals, MIG Reports analysis of reactions showed significant ire among right-leaning voters.

  • Conservatives dismissed his decision as irrelevant or even cowardly. There was considerable criticism towards Pence, with some labeling him as a RINO (Republican in Name Only), along with accusations of being a globalist and siding with the one-world government system.
  • Hatred for Pence appears to have seriously magnified disdain since his initial run for President. Voters disliked his marked criticism of Trump during his short bid. Many mentioned they, “Feel that Pence is a traitor to the MAGA movement," with some even comparing him to Judas. They believe he has sold out the Republican Party and the American people, and they question his future in politics.

By the Numbers

Since Pence’s comments, MIG Reports finds a serious drop in his approval among those discussing him online.

  • On March 15, Pence’s Fox News announcement caused his mentions to double their usual rate, and his approval rating fell shortly after.
  • Following his announcement, Pence’s ratio of positive to negative comments in discussions displayed 187 positive points to 730 negative points.
  • The bleeding continued the following day as he appeared on other outlets touting his decision, seeing a ratio of 178 positive points to 807 negative points on Saturday.
  • Supporters of Pence’s decision, likely liberals based on MIG Reports data, lost interest in supporting Pence. Conservative anger persisted on Monday, seeing a ratio of just 99 positive points to 392 negative points that day.

As the dust settles on former Vice President Mike Pence's unequivocal decision not to endorse Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential race, beltway media failed to convey the implications of Pence’s decision across the country. Instead, media portrayed a narrative that Pence’s decision reflects a divide in the Republican Party.t seems Republicans outside of D.C. remain united in their support for President Trump.

Based on Trump’s uninterrupted cruise to the Republican Presidential nomination, securing support from his base should have been an easy conclusion to make. While many liberals were eager for other Republicans like Nikki Haley to join in Pence’s efforts, voter sentiment indicates anyone who attempts to undermine a Republican victory in November will struggle to find a future in the Republican Party.

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