Democrats’ COVID Fears Remain; Most Americans Have Moved on Despite Disrupted Lives

March 25, 2024 Democrats’ COVID Fears Remain; Most Americans Have Moved on Despite Disrupted Lives  image

Key Takeaways

  • Most Americans believe the COVID pandemic is over, however for varying reasons, political differences outline conflicting perspectives.
  • COVID pandemic discussions are not isolated the virus itself, but also incorporate all elements related to COVID like loss of freedoms, vaccines, and disinformation.
  • The overall sentiment about life after COVID seems to be a mix of frustration, skepticism, and concern.

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Online discussion of how people think and feel about COVID is varied and complex. It appears the majority of people believe the COVID pandemic is ongoing, according to the high number of tweets referencing current issues such as vaccines, potential risks, and ongoing political debates. Additional polling indicates that overall, people believe the COVID pandemic is over. There are also a small number of people who express skepticism about the reality of the pandemic, suggesting that it is a "fake pandemic" or "charade."

In terms of political affiliation, there are significant differences among Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Some Republicans credit former President Trump with managing the pandemic effectively, while others criticize his handling of the crisis.

Among Democrats, there is strong criticism of Trump's handling of the pandemic, with some blaming him directly for their perception of a high number of COVID deaths in the United States according to the media. Independent views are not explicitly stated, but they seem to be divided, much like the other groups.

There is a strong focus on the COVID vaccine in online discussions, with some people praising its life-saving properties while others express concern about potential risks and side effects. Some voters mention vaccine mandates and their impact on employment and sports participation, indicating a significant concern over personal freedom and health.

Gallup data published March 2024, indicates similar data, indicating a trend that Republicans and Independents no longer consider COVID-19 to be a pandemic. While Democrats have been increasingly accepting, these levels appeared to have plateaued at around 40%. Also noteworthy is Gallup polling indicating that a return to normalcy is not a shared sentiment. The level of Americans who believe life has gotten back to normal has increased with distance from the pandemic. What has remained consistent are the levels of people who do not believe there will be a return to normalcy.

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