Economic Concerns Surpass Border Crisis as Mayorkas Impeachment Heads to the Senate

April 14, 2024 Economic Concerns Surpass Border Crisis as Mayorkas Impeachment Heads to the Senate image

Key Takeaways

  • Discussion about the border is down among voters ahead of House articles of impeachment against Alejandro Mayorkas.
  • Although most Americans are still highly negative about border issues, MIG Reports data show the economy surpassing border talk in recent weeks.
  • Sentiment about the border seems to be leveling off as discussion decreases and Americans focus on the economy. 

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Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently admitted the border situation is a “crisis” and said sanctuary cities should remove criminal illegal immigrants. While discussion about the border and immigration is still extremely negative, MIG Reports data shows voter attention has turned to the economy in recent weeks.

As the House prepares to send articles of impeachment against Mayorkas, discussions about border security are negative, though lower in volume compared to last month.

  • National sentiment regarding the border has steadied around 50% in the last week as discussion volume has fallen.

Those who are still vocal about border security regularly mention elected officials like Mayorkas and Biden, accusing them of enabling illegal immigration. Voters express a desire for stronger leadership, prioritizing national security and law enforcement over political considerations.

There are also repeated mentions of drug cartels, indicating a concern about the connection between illegal immigration and organized crime. Most people talking about this issue believe the government is not doing enough to combat drug trafficking at the border.

Sentiment Towards Secretary Mayorkas

Many voters believe Mayorkas has failed in his role as Secretary of Homeland Security and that his impeachment could be a step in the right direction. They say he has allowed an unprecedented number of illegal immigrants to enter the country, leading to the "worst border crisis in history."

Critics of Mayorkas say he should be held accountable for the administration's mishandling of the border crisis. Many voters are also calling out Senator Schumer for not setting a trial for Secretary Mayorkas, arguing he is violating 200 years of Senate precedent and constitutional duty. Some suggest that Senate Democrats, particularly Senator Schumer, fear a trial could negatively affect the 2024 elections.

There is some discussion of the consequences of Mayorkas' policies, describing the U.S. as turning into a "third world hell-hole." People say increasing crimes and costs from illegal immigrants is unacceptable. They cite specific examples, such as a Salvadoran MS-13 gang member charged with assaulting police and family members, who was reportedly released into the community despite a detainer request from ICE.

Supporters, however, argue holding an impeachment trial for Mayorkas is simply a political move by the GOP. They argue Republicans have consistently voted against border initiatives since Biden took office and are now trying to shift the blame onto Mayorkas and the Biden administration.

  • Discussion about Mayorkas has increased in the last four days, but his approval has remained relatively steady.
  • Those who speak out in support of Mayorkas tend to view his impeachment as a political tactic by Republicans.

Views About Biden’s Border Policy

Many people continue to criticize the Biden administration for failing to enforce strict border control measures. This sentiment is often accompanied by a call for the reinstatement of Trump's border policies, which are seen as more effective in curbing illegal immigration.

Some Biden supporters voice opposition to the idea of building a wall and criticize such measures as xenophobic and harmful. Mostly Democrats, this group often labels the rhetoric around border security as a political tactic used to appeal to a specific demographic. They argue those in favor of strict immigration policies stigmatize immigrants and undermine the country's values of inclusivity and freedom.

As other MIG Reports have shown, however, there’s an increasing number of Democrat voters who agree the situation at the border a crisis. Some are now saying border control should not be a federal issue but a state issue. They argue the states should have the autonomy to decide their own immigration policies, in line with the Constitution.

  • In March border security was the top issues in conversations online about Joe Biden.
  • A month later in April, border security dropped significantly, falling below the economy and the Israel-Hamas war.

Growing Democratic Voter Disapproval

Many Democratic Party voters, particularly those with more progressive leanings, have expressed disappointment and frustration regarding Biden's border policies. They argue Biden has not veered far enough from the hardline policies implemented by Trump. This group tends to criticize policies like Title 42, which enables the expulsion of asylum seekers due to public health concerns. They criticize Biden for not being inclusive enough.

Centrist Democrats are more likely to support Biden's approach to the border. They appreciate his efforts to undo some of the more controversial policies of the Trump era, such as the "Remain in Mexico" policy.

However, even among these voters, there is a level of concern about the surge in border crossings and the potential political fallout. They worry if the situation is not quickly addressed, it could harm the Democratic Party's prospects in the upcoming elections and beyond.

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