Divided Americans Unmoved by Campaign-Themed SOTU

March 08, 2024 Divided Americans Unmoved by Campaign-Themed SOTU image

Key Takeaways

  • Most Americans left Biden’s SOTU with same mindset they walked in with.
  • Biden was unable to move Independents on border security, which is key to lower-income voters.
  • Many voters identify a lack substance or policy-specific solutions to the current political landscape.

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All Voters

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30 Days

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The public response to President Joe Biden's State of the Union address appears to be polarized, as expected, reflecting the nation's political divide. His supporters see the speech as a passionate defense of his policies and a strong criticism of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

They perceive Biden's tone as fiery, strong, and presidential, and view the address as a successful articulation of his vision for a second term. Several supporters refer to it as one of the best State of the Union addresses they have seen, expressing feelings of pride and admiration for the president.

Democrats largely praised President Biden's State of the Union address. Key conversations among Democrats centered on Biden's forceful stance against former President Donald Trump, his focus on reproductive rights, freedom, and democracy, and his proposed policies for a second term. Many vocalized their perception of Biden's energy and vigor throughout the speech.

On the other hand, critics of the president see his address as overly partisan and politically motivated. Some described it as the most "nakedly political" State of the Union in history. They accuse Biden of focusing more on attacking Trump and dividing the nation than providing a constructive vision for the future. Some critics also accuse him of neglecting the border crisis and other key issues, and some call for his impeachment.

Republicans called the speech overly political and lacking in concrete solutions. They highlighted Issues such as the border crisis and perceived failures in addressing crime, inflation, and the cost of living. Some Republicans also questioned Biden's competence and insinuated that his speech was not his own, implying that he was being controlled by others.

Independents had mixed reactions. Some echoed the Democrat praises, lauding Biden's energy and his focus on democracy and individual rights. Others, however, aligned with the Republican criticisms, particularly regarding the border crisis and the perceived lack of real solutions.

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Concerns Among Various Voter Groups

In terms of demographics, it appears that younger audiences were more concerned about a potential TikTok ban, with many arguing that it would limit their freedom of expression. Older audiences were more likely to focus on issues such as the “Stop WOKE Act” and perceived shifts in the political landscape. Overall, sentiment towards President Biden following the State of the Union address varied significantly based on political affiliation. Democrats generally expressed support for the President, although there were some criticisms of his handling of certain issues. Republicans were largely critical of the President and his policies, while Independents expressed a range of views.


  • Concerns about the expansion of the so-called “Stop WOKE Act” in Florida, with some criticizing it as a violation of First Amendment freedoms and a step towards censorship.
  • Discussions about the potential TikTok ban, with some expressing concerns about freedom of speech and potential government overreach.
  • Accusations that Republicans have moved away from their historical stance on social justice, with some referencing comments made by Republican Mark Robinson on women's suffrage.
  • Criticism of conservatives for insisting biological sex exists, with some arguing that it infringes upon people’s preferred gender identity.


  • Strong support for the “Stop WOKE Act” in Florida, viewing it as a necessary step against perceived woke culture.
  • Concerns about the potential TikTok ban, with some framing it as an issue of national security due to the app's connections with the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Criticisms of President Biden's State of the Union address, with some arguing it lacked substance and did not adequately address key issues.
  • Discussions around the evolving political landscape, with some arguing that Republicans have become the anti-establishment party.
  • Accusations that Democrats are attempting to silence conservative voices, with some alleging that Democrats are pushing for censorship and restrictions on freedom of speech.


  • Concerns about the potential TikTok ban, with some arguing that it infringes upon freedom of speech and sets a dangerous precedent.
  • Discussions around the evolving political landscape, with some suggesting that both parties have strayed from their historical stances.
  • Criticisms of perceived woke culture, with some arguing that it is detrimental to societal cohesion and unity.
  • Debates about gender identity, with some suggesting that it is an individual's right to identify as they choose.
  • Discussions about the need for more intellectual debate in politics, with some expressing frustration at the current level of discourse.

Economic Issues

Biden's address seemed to increase positive sentiment among Democrats regarding his tax proposals and focus on social issues. However, this issue decreased sentiment amongst Republicans and some Independents, who disagreed with his views on taxes, government spending, and foreign aid.

The top five economic issues that generated discussion were:


  • Republicans disagreed with Biden's claim that corporations and the wealthy need to pay their "fair share" of taxes. Some argued corporations do not pay taxes but pass the cost to consumers through higher prices and lower wages. Others stated that corporations already pay taxes by employing thousands of people who pay taxes.
  • Democrats and Independents were split on this issue, with some supporting Biden's proposals and others expressing skepticism.

Government spending

  • Many Republicans and some Independents criticized the government for overspending, with some calling for a reduction in the number of government employees.
  • Democrats generally showed more support for government investment, although some expressed concerns about fiscal responsibility.

Social issues

  • Democrats and Independents spoke about the need for better support for people with disabilities and lower-income individuals.
  • Republicans, however, were more likely to attribute these issues to individual responsibility rather than government intervention.

Foreign aid

  • Some Republicans and Independents criticized Biden for sending money to foreign countries. They argued that tax money should be spent on American people first.


  • There were conversations about the accuracy of Biden's statements, with some Republicans accusing him of lying about tax issues.

Border Security

One of the most dominant topics was immigration policy, specifically the Laken Riley Act. Economically, lower-income individuals expressed concerns about the potential impact of increased immigration on job security and wages. Meanwhile, higher-income individuals were more likely to focus on the moral and ethical implications of immigration policy.

Democrats focused on the perceived lack of compassion in the Laken Riley Act. Many questioned the morality of detaining and deporting immigrants without consideration for their circumstances.

Republicans primarily focused on the Laken Riley Act and its impact on national security. They pointed to the case of Laken Riley, a victim of a crime committed by an undocumented immigrant, as a reason to support stricter immigration policies. They criticized Democrats for their opposition to the bill.

Independents also discussed the Laken Riley Act. Like Republicans, many Independents expressed support for stricter immigration controls to protect American citizens. However, they also expressed concern over the potential for human rights abuses under such policies.

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