Unrelatable AOC Mocks Trump and God, Gets Destroyed on X

May 28, 2024 Unrelatable AOC Mocks Trump and God, Gets Destroyed on X  image

Key Takeaways

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's tweet praising God for heavy rain before Trump’s rally in the Bronx was widely condemned and criticized.
  • The majority of replies came from Trump supporters who used the opportunity to suggest a political shift in the Bronx and criticize Democratic policies.
  • The invocation of religious sentiments caused many to question AOC’s religiosity and criticize using God’s name in vain. 

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Bronx Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the progressive "Squad," recently tweeted about rain before a Trump rally in her district saying, “God is good,” in response to suggestions there would be a “muddy mess” for the rally. This received a predominantly critical response from voters, particularly those identifying with the MAGA movement.

Many responses to AOC’s tweet emphasized the notion that the Bronx, traditionally a Democratic stronghold, has now turned into "MAGA country." This sentiment was frequently repeated and expressed with a sense of triumph, suggesting a belief in a growing support for Trump and a shift away from Democratic dominance in the area.

Accusations of Hypocrisy and Meltdown

Some accused Ocasio-Cortez of having a "liberal meltdown" and being unable to accept that the Bronx could support Trump. These comments often included a tone of ridicule and mockery, suggesting her reaction was indicative of broader liberal discontent and denial.

Religious Undertones

Others took issue with Ocasio-Cortez invoking God, arguing as a self-identified socialist or communist, she should not be using religious references. Some comments directly accused her of using God’s name in vain or being insincere about her beliefs.

Criticism of Democratic Policies

Several responses linked their support for Trump to dissatisfaction with liberal policies, both at a local and national level. They blamed these policies for various social and economic issues and expressed a desire for change, which they believe Trump represents.

Personal Attacks and Accusations

A portion of the comments included personal attacks on AOC, calling her a communist, a hypocrite, and questioning her authenticity and background. These responses often conflated broader political ideologies with personal character judgments.

Celebration of Rally Success

There was a strong emphasis on Trump rally turnout, with claims of thousands attending, despite the rain. This was used to further argue support for Trump is strong and growing, even in areas presumed to favor Democrats.

Expressions of Solidarity and Celebration

Many responses included celebratory language and emojis, expressing joy over what they perceived as a political victory. Phrases like “liberal tears” and “God is good” were used to underscore their satisfaction with the event and its implications.

Accusations of Violence and Incitement

A few responses went as far as accusing AOC of inciting violence, referencing past events and suggesting her comments could lead to unrest. This reflects a deeper animosity and distrust toward her and her political actions.

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